To Rewrite or Not to Rewrite

How do you decide when to rewrite an article that is more than a few years old and want to republish it? The article could be on any topic and might at first seem to be fairly complete insofar as basic information goes. For example, an article on the Challinor & Taylor Glass Company of Tarentum, Pennsylvania provides only a few lines on the history of the company because that is all that was available at the time when the article was written, in 2008. The bulk of the article consists of the different types of glass manufactures by the company, as well as patented glass design patterns. Thirteen years later, more detailed information about the company surfaces online, which can be paraphrased into your article. Furthermore, detailed information about one of the glass company’s founders, David Challinor, is extensive in the form of a obituary. This is the type of information that is perfect to add to a pre-existing article which contains a dearth of company history.

David Challinor, one of the founders of the Challinor & Taylor Glass Company.
David Challinor, one of the founders of the Challinor & Taylor Glass Company. From Pittsburgh Daily Post, March 6, 1909.

Keep in mind that source web content increases literally every month if not every week, especially digital archives for newspapers and periodicals. These types of sources need to be regularly checked when conducting research for an article rewrite. Use your instinct when deciding when your article rewrite is as complete as it should be. Of course, if republishing the article means posting it on your own website, you can update the rewrite as often as you want.