Saving and Labeling Newspaper Clippings for Research Purposes

A writer is researching on, happily searching and clipping away (the website has an awesome clipping feature), accumulating information for a project. What is the best way to keep these clippings (usually saved in PDF format from organized in your computer without losing pertinent information? If a newspaper clipping is going to be referred to in the article the writer is working on, the title of that newspaper story must be referred to, along with the byline if any, the name of the newspaper, the location (city and state) of the newspaper, and date it appeared in.

Once the desired newspaper item is clipped from, the next thing to do is to name it before the website saves it in PDF format. Ideally, the name of the file should contain the name of the paper, location, and date, like the following:


The newspaper article itself:

The Cherokee Kid newspaper clipping

If this clipping was to be used as a reference in an article, perhaps one about Tom’s amazing athletic feats onscreen, the footnote or end note would be as follows:

“Tyler in Western Here During Week: ‘Cherokee Kid’ Offers Glimpse of Daring and Dangerous Stunt Riding”, The Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, FL. November 25, 1928.

What if a bunch of newspaper clippings are accumulated and need to be kept separate from other clippings? Place them in a folder on your desktop with the subject name, such as “Cherokee Kid.”