Writing Silent Film Summaries and Taglines for IMDB

After spending many hours researching that famous person from stage or film, you finally discover one particular silent film which appeals to you in some manner – perhaps after reading a number of reviews, seeing a lobby card or two, or even a few stills from the movie – but remains largely unviewable by the general public. Maybe the movie itself is classified under “lost film” status, or does exist in print form in a film archive somewhere in Europe but for some reason not transferred to DVD. Most importantly, you are an active contributor to IMDB, and would like to write a film summary for the movie that interests you but remains a bit obscure to the general public. You might also have information such as taglines or budget expenses that can be added to the film entry. Where would a tagline be found? From an original advertisement from the movie. For example, this newspaper ad for “The Cowboy Cop” from The Circleville Herald, Circleville, Ohio, June 25, 1927:

The Circleville Herald Circleville Ohio June 25 1927

The film summary would include the basic information gleaned from an original film review, such as the following from Motion Picture News, August 28, 1926:

Motion Picture News August 28 1926

Any additional information that accompanied the review above – like a series of screencaps such as the below – might also be included in the film summary:

Frankie Darro looks every bit the young gentleman as his idol Tom Tyler does, wearing matching tuxedos at the party given by heiress Jean Arthur.

Motion Picture News August 28 1926

Note: There is indeed a film print of “The Cowboy Cop” at EYE in Amsterdam but in 16mm negative format.